Qi Gong and classes





What is Qi Gong? (Chi Kung)



Literally translated Qi Gong means "work with energy" or "cultivation of inner strength".

We live at the bottom of a huge ocean of air which most of the time we are quite unaware of.  We only become aware of the surrounding air when it makes itself clearly felt as in a strong wind or travelling in a car with the window open.  Our senses then are stimulated by the air sufficiently for us to notice it.  In the same way we are immersed in an ocean of energy or qi (chi)   However qi is incomparably less substantial than air so most people never notice it.   Taoist theory states that qi is the basic enegy which fills the entire universe and presents in many different forms.  In Qi Gong we work with the qi or life energy learning to control the flow of qi and the distribution.


Qi is called Ki in Japan                Qi is called Prana in yoga


                     Qi is called Lung by Tibetan Buddhists


In the west scientist call it Bio-energy



Why should I Practise Qi Gong?


Qi Gong improves and maintains good physical and mental health.  Qi Gong differs from Western sports as it focuses first and foremost on energy (qi) as opposed to just excercise to create a healthy body.

Qi Gong aims to remove any restrictions and blocks in the flow of energy in the body.  These restrictions lead to an imbalanceof energy which then often manifests itself as physical and mental illness.  Practising Qi Gong enables the body to be restored to a state of balance and harmony as the energy again flows freely throughout thus significantly reducing the risk of falling ill.


Why would Qi Gong help me?


The main benefits of practising Qi Gong are:

...significantly better health

...general feeling of relaxation that increases with practice

...an ability to cope better with stress and its effects

...the eradication of minor ailments

...pain relief

...greater stamina

...peace of mind

...increased self-confidence

...greater sensitivity to others (an awareness of ones own condition and that of other people)

...greater awareness and greater clarity of thought



How does Qi Gong work?


The effect of qi gong on the nervous system (NS) explained simply is as follows:

   Our peripheral nervous system is divided into 2 groups:

 1)   the somatic nervous system which contols the skeletal muscles

 2)  the autonomic nervous system which controls the smooth and visceral muscles


The autonomic nervous system is split again into

 a)   the sympathetic nervous system

 b)   the parasympathetic


The sympathetic NS becomes more active with stress making the parasympathetic NS less active which causes organs, glands etc. to malfunction.  Constantly suppressing the parasympathetic NS in this way puts the body out of balance causing the following chronic symptoms:

High blood pressure





Stomach ulcer


Skin allergy

Emotional problems etc.


Qi gong and gentle Tai Chi movements, deep breathing and meditation activates the parasympathetic NS.  By practicing Qi Gong forms (excercises) the sympathetic NS becomes less active thus bringing the body back into balance.



Private Qi Gong lessons


Jean is not running any set classes at the moment however small groups can be taken for "One off" classes or individual instruction is available for  specific health problems.   Contact Jean for details and cost