Jean Studd MRSS Shiatsu and Shin Tai Practitioner 

Tai Chi Qi Gong Instructor

Jean works in a beautiful rural village near Baschurch, Shropshire as well as in the centre of Wem at “The Harmony Centre” .  For those less able to travel, Jean can provide Shiatsu treatment in your home.

Private Qi Gong lessons available by arrangement for individual clients or small groups.

E-Mail :-   shiatsuwithjean@btinternet.com

Tel Mob:-   079 000 81356

Tel Home:- 01939 261299


Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing art literally translated as finger pressure.  Having its roots in Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu is a system of healing and health maintenance using pressure and focused touch to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.  It is a way to connect with the energy of the body and move or disperse that energy throughout the system.

Shin Tai

 ShinTai is a dynamic form of bodywork that fuses traditional Shiatsu treatment with techniques to release the soft tissue (fascia), joint and muscles through work with the Central Channel and Chakras.  Shin Tai restores the natural resonance of the body by recovering space in the body at a cellular, organ, joint and vibrational level.

Knowing you don't know is wholeness

             Thinking you know is a disease

              Only by recognising that you have an illness

              can you move to seek a cure

                                                                      Tao Te Ching

 Qi Gong

According to Chinese medicine, qi is the animating power that flows through all living things.  Gong means “work” or “benefits acquired through perseverance and practice”.  Thus, Qigong means working with the life energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of qi to improve the health and harmony of mind and body.  Qigong is a wholistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation that includes healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation.

  MS class running in Shrewsbury

  3rd and 4th Thursday of the month


  Qi Gong classes for all abilities

  at Weston Lullingfields Village Hall, Alisha-Jayne Dance Studios, Wem  and Cambrian Dance Studio, Oswestry

   Contact Jean for details


"Why did I go and see Jean?

A very simple answer for me – I had had a few stressful months.

I knew that if I went to the doctors they would prescribe drugs not my way of getting things right.

I had heard that Jean had started to do Shiatsu appointment in the town centre and she could fit me in on a Saturday afternoon (at shirt notice) – just what I needed.

Jean then arranged for me to come on a regular basis, which really sorted the tension/stress problems. And out me back on the road to a full recover without drugs

The other benefit was that Jean is a very good listener, which all us need at some point in our lives.

A very BIG THANK YOU to Jean”

Well as ever I found your treatment so beneficial..relaxing physically and clearing my mind …..

"I suffered from continuous sciatic pain for about 6 months and although physiotherapy helped it did not completely relieve the pain.  A friend recommended that I try Shiatsu therapy and put me in contact with Jean.  After 3 sessions with Jean my pain was significantly reduced and after 6 sessions disappeared completely.  I have suffered a spinal cord injury and I felt the whole Shiatsu experience helped me cope better both physically and mentally with my disability."

I found the Shiatsu treatment very helpful, and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

My back is much improved and I'm hoping it will stay that way, as I am in the process of buying a house.....

I have been suffering from back pain on and off for 30 years ever since the birth of my second son. The Shiatsu treatment gave me a great deal of relief after just two sessions, I felt as though my back and legs were more aligned and the blockage I had been experiencing at the base of my spine had been released. It is a great comfort to know I can return to Jean at any time and not have to wait for a referral through the health service.